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Dr Sujit Chatterjee Hiranandani

Hiranandani hospital – Get the Excellent Kidney Care here!

Dr. L H Hiranandani Hospital is a public charitable trust established in February 2004. It was  founded in honour of Dr. L H Hiranandani who was awarded with Padma Bhushan in 1972.  

It is the first hospital in western India to receive NABH Accreditation. It is also the first private hospital in Mumbai which has their own in-house pressure swing adsorption. This hospital provides finest healthcare services with highly qualified experts and has the latest machinery.

Hiranandani hospital kidney treatment is the finest kidney treatment in Mumbai. It is best known for its best kidney transplant hospital and best kidney donation centre. You will get excellent Nephrologists here.

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Indications of Chronic Kidney diseases:

They have several kinds of Nephrology OPD to take care of all their kidney patients in the best way. Dr. Sujit Chatterjee, now the CEO of Hiranandani Hospital states some chronic kidney diseases.

  1. Fibromyalgia,

  2. Constant sleepiness and common cold, 

  3. Feeling tired and frail, 

  4. losing hunger, 

  5. experiencing difficulty dozing, concentrating, experiencing unexplained queasiness, and

  6. Encounters expanding in the feet and lower legs are just a couple of the indications of this infection.

Chronic kidney treatments can cause hypertension which can cause you to have fast weight acquisition and a narrowing of your sight. Assuming you already have hypertension, the test of monitoring it increases. A persistent kidney disease check is played out every year by your PCP under broad sedatives to check for any complexities which require immediate attention like kidney failure.

According to the sources about Hiranandani Hospital Powai news, Prior to kidney transplantation, appropriate advising and keen data are given by Dr. L H Hiranandani Hospital, Powai. It additionally furnishes safe treatment with completely prepared endoscopic and laparoscopic medical procedures. Dr Sujit Chatterjee has faith in changing the existence of each persistent with the best clinical consideration.

Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital, Powai has brief administration to make the whole assistance identical to the best. Outfitted with capable specialists and a prepared group of attendants and experts it turns into a reliable kidney hospital in Mumbai.

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